According to the grain

There is always a surface between us and objects. The surface is an interface that conveys different kinds of information through touch and observation. Through modernisation and industrialisation, the surface of our everyday life has become mostly flat, featureless, and devoid of taste. To some extent, the informed observer can read the tactility of even the most designed surface. But industry has also induced the use of surface as disguise, making one material pretend to be another. This material dishonesty invites distrust and creates an emotional distance between us and our objects. Their uniformity and interchangeability make it more difficult for us to form an emotional bond with our belongings and surroundings.

This project focuses on wood grain, a quality which is mostly neutralised through industrial processing. A technique is developed to enhance its three-dimensionality and bring out its texture, making its unique materiality more palpable to the casual viewer. The exaggerated surface can offer more information and help the viewer imagine what this material once looked like in its natural state. The aim is to help viewers look at their own objects with a more discerning eye.

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